4. Transitioning from CA to PTW

4. Transitioning from CA to PTW

4.01 Do you have a documented process for transforming competitive intelligence into pricing analysis?

4.02 Are you able to quantify relevant competitor assessment information that transfers directly into pricing analysis?

4.03 Can you use a Section M in an RFP and quantify it to assess scores for competitors?

4.04 Can you pull up critical requirements in an RFP and score competitors based on the competitive intelligence gathered?

4.05 Can you integrate both internal and external factors in the competitive/customer assessment to adjust pricing strategies?

4.06 Are you able to integrate holistically a customer assessment, competitor assessment, and pricing assessment to begin developing a price-to-win strategy?

4.07 How do you deal with information that is not quantifiable?

4.08 Can you quantify and fix all non-price factors for competitors and prepare the pricing analysis based on these fixed parameters?