How does your Competitive Assessment/Price to Win (CA/PTW) practice score against industries best practices?

1. Opportunity Assessment

1.01 Do you have a documented process for assessing opportunities?

1.02 Do you have a streamlined process of identifying existing opportunities?

1.03 Is there an online resource you use to identify opportunities?

1.04 Can you track opportunity history including previous customers, incumbents, and requirements?

1.05 Is the strategy proactive or retroactive in identifying opportunities?

1.06 Do you actively participate in RFIs and industry days for opportunities?

1.07 Do you have connections to relevant program offices?

1.08 Is your opportunity identification policy complex enough to identify specific requirements?

1.09 Do you have an active team of employees identifying potential opportunities?

1.10 Can you identify overall program values for opportunities?

1.11 Do you have specific government shaping strategies?

1.12 Does your strategy involve constant monitoring of opportunities and communication with stakeholders?

1.13 Do you follow government policy (e.g. NSS, NDS) to stay ahead of strategic alignments?


CA/PTW Capability Self-Assessment

SMA Management Consulting

Take this survey to assess your implementation and execution of CA/PTW on proposal efforts. Through the survey, you will identify strengths and weaknesses in your CA/PTW implementation. There are 2 Competitive Assessment (CA) modules and 9 Price-to-Win (PTW) modules.

The assessment questions look for objective evidence that your CA/PTW implementation and execution aligns with industry best practices in each of the 11 modules. Given the assessment covers both CA and PTW, you may need to solicit inputs from others in your firm to complete the assessment.

Please note that if you are a visitor to this site, you can only take the first two assessment modules. You will need to create a free SMA Talent On Demand (TOD)­­­® Client account for access to all of the assessment modules.