How does your implementation and practice of your Earned Value Management System (EVMS) score against best practices?

1. General Assessment

1.01 To what extent are your core technical, schedule, and costs management processes integrated?

1.02 What level of documentation exists regarding the organization's program management processes?

1.03 To what degree of confidence do stakeholders have with the information coming out of the current program management system

1.04 How would you self assess your capabilities regarding EVM

1.05 What statement best represents your level of confidence in improving the capability/maturity of your integrated program management processes over time?

1.06 What statement best describes the Program Manager(s) and Project Managers (CAMs) EVM knowledge?

1.07 Has your organization identified program management support roles and responsibilities necessary to effectively utilize EVM? (e.g., Finance Analyst, EVM Manager, EVM Analyst, Master Scheduler, Scheduler, Planners, etc.)

1.08 Does your organization have an EVMS training program?

1.09 What statement best describes the capability of your program management processes

1.10 Does your organization conduct compliance reviews on program management processes?

1.11 To what degree does senior management support the use of EVM?


EVMS Capability Self-Assessment

SMA Program Planning & Controls

Take this survey to assess the alignment of your Earned Value Management System (EVMS) with the EIA-748 guidelines. Through the survey, you can identify gaps in the utilization of people, processes, and tools ensure consistency with the IPMDAR requirements and EIA-748 guidelines. The questions looks for objective evidence that your implementation meets the intent of the EIA-748 guidelines. Please have a copy of your system description with you during the survey. Given the scope of an EVMS implementation, you may ask for input from other members of your firm (e.g. Accounting, Manufacturing, etc.)

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